Fisika Komputasi

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  1. Computational Physics. Giordano, NJ. Department of Physics. Purdue University. Prentice Hall
  2. Computational Physics using MATLAB. Second Edition. Berwick, K.
  3. Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists. Chapra, SC. Mc. Graw Hills
  4. Computational Physics, Simulation of Classical and Quantum Systems. Scherer, POJ. Springer

11-12Monte Carlo Simulation13DC Analysis

11Introduction to Monte Carlo

14DC Analysis

Lecture # Subject
1 Introduction to Computational Physics
2 Projectile Motion
3 Bouncing Ball
4-5 Gravity in Solar Sytem
6-7  Visualization 3D structure of protein
8 Middle Examination (Video Project)
9 Introduction to Monte Carlo
10 Monte Carlo Simulation [2]
11-12 DC Analysis
13 Nuclear Decay calculator 
Nuclear Decay simulation
14 Detect Circular Object